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Rugged Never Looked So Good
Slimline—our low profile, professional grade rolling case—showcases a clean, sleek design. But don’t let its good looks fool you. Built from the same industrial parts as our military cases, the Slimline is also unbelievably tough and durable. Armed with heavy-duty extrusions and Thermodyne's patented spring-loaded latches, this rock-solid case boasts the strongest seal in the industry. And with a 100% metal closure system, the Slimline locks tight and stay shut—even under extreme drops.


Custom Foam Interiors

Slimline features more than 20 grades of specialty foam interiors for custom or stock applications. Unlike some of our competitors, Thermodyne only uses military-grade foams—providing better protection, extended life and the ultimate peace of mind. Our engineering department hand-picks the foam type based upon the unique characteristics of your equipment and its intended environment. Then, they custom-cut the foam to gently cradle and protect your delicate electronics. Our expert engineers can also integrate customized accessory compartments into the foam design at no additional cost. To ensure speedy delivery on each custom case order,

we warehouse our foam in large quantities and control every step of foam design, cutting, assembly and installation in-house. Plus, we offer custom foam with no minimums—which means you’ll receive professional-grade quality whether you’re ordering one or 100 cases.


An Array of Color Choices
Need to match your case to your company’s signature colors? Want to ensure your gear is easy to spot on the luggage carousel? If the standard Thermodyne Silver doesn't make your statement, no worries. We offer more than 30 eye-pleasing colors, ranging from conservative to high impact. If for some reason you can't settle on one of our 30+ shades, Thermodyne also offers custom Pantone color matching with low minimum quantities.


Custom Fabrication

We realize that sometimes foam alone won’t do the trick. Thanks to our in-house machine shop and fabrication departments, we can design and create exactly what you need for one-off or low production runs—whether it’s internal shock-isolated cages, inner

lids, electrical panels, waterproof connectors, specially tailored extrusions or modified plastic parts. Our top-notch team of engineers, machinists and fabricators can work their magic for you at minimal expense with little lead time. To top it off, we provide upfront, honest pricing before you place your order. No surprises, just industry leading custom work.


Always the Perfect Fit
Unfortunately, other case manufacturers give you no choice when it comes to dimensions. If your equipment falls in-between two sizes, you’re forced to squeeze into something too small that won't properly protect your equipment; or you're saddled with a case that’s way too big, leading to wasted space and added weight. When you work with Thermodyne, you’ll never have to face this dilemma. That’s because we custom-size our Slimline cases to fit to your gear like a glove. If you need two inches less of hieght, we actually manufacture your case two inches shorter. And we don't require you to buy more than one case just to have your equipment fit right.

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Slimline With Custom Foam



Lighter, Smarter, Stronger Shipping Containers

Available Handle & Wheels
Only Slimline's Air Transport Association (ATA) compliant shipping cases offer an optional integrated telescoping handle that’s fully recessed into the body of the case. Not only does this create a sleeker appearance; it also offers maximum protection for the handle while your case is in-transit. Built ATA tough, Slimline cases are available in both check-in and carry-on sizes for easy airline travel. Easy to roll, easy to lift and easy to store, Slimline cases are equally at home in an airport, on a tarmac or in an office setting.


Lean Design, Mean Protection (20% Less Weight)

At Thermodyne, we’ve proven cases don’t have to look like a tank to protect like one. Tapping into our 50+ years of military experience, we design innovative cases

to provide ultimate protection for your sensitive, expensive professional gear—without adding excess bulk. In fact, our Slimline cases weigh 20% to 30% less than other brands. That means you can roll into a client's place of business without looking like you just unloaded your equipment from a Humvee. While a typical ATA-style case packs on five or more inches of bulk, the Slimline eliminates this and provides only enough of an external footprint to protect your gear. Plus, because we designed each Slimline case with the most lightweight, modern materials available, the Slimline is amazingly nimble. You don’t have to compromise between protection and portability.

With the Slimline shipping & carrying case, you can take your gear on the road without breaking your equipment…or your back.

Need A Slimline Case ASAP?
No problem! We manufacture every case in-house and can ship on almost any schedule, no matter how rushed. With thousands of custom formed shells on-hand, chances are we have the materials already manufactured and can quickly assemble exactly what you need. Because our foam cutting shop is completely in-house, we can customize and install a custom foam set within a few hours. With a template inventory 50 years deep, our Engineers have CAD drawings of almost every imaginable piece of equipment available. No matter your timeframe, Thermodyne has you covered.



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Panasonic Camera Case


JVC Monitor Shipping Case

Make Your Road Trips Easier With Slimline


Slimline Stock Foam

We prefer to customize your interior foam for a flawless fit—but we understand that sometimes you may need to travel with different gear. For this purpose, Thermodyne offers stock foam configurations. These options simplify packaging while still providing superior protection:


1.) Liner & Layers. Thermodyne can line the inside walls of your case with a layer of foam, providing a protective barrier. Then, completely fill the large interior cavity with loose foam layers. This allows you to easily cut the foam to fit any equipment you need to transport.

2.) Layered Full Foam.
We can provide a block of foam the size of your Slimline's interior, fabricated from 1" or 2" layers for manageable cutting.

3.) Generic Cavities.
With this option, your interior is factory-cut with large cavities for frequently changing parts. All you have to do is let us know the desired cavity size, and we'll cut the foam and ship you a shipping case that's ready to go.

Comfortable Ergonomic Handle
Thermodyne now offers a revolutionary ergonomic handle on all Slimline shipping cases. Designed to reduce hand fatigue, this new and improved contoured handle is manufactured with the same proven hardware our U.S. military and industrial customers have relied on for years—now with the added luxury of Thermodyne's new ROHS-compliant form fitting grip. Ask for the comfort grip handle on your next Slimline!


Fortified Gasket Seal Construction
Slimline cases feature Thermodyne’s unique PowerGrip gasket sealing system, which blocks environmental contaminants from working their way into your equipment. We've integrated this technology into both the lid and base of the extrusions, using reliable tongue and groove channeling that compresses over a neoprene gasket and keeps harmful contaminants out. If you want to take protection to the next level, Thermodyne also offers complete MIL-STD 810 environmental sealing for a complete

submergible transit case. Give us a call to find out which level of sealing is best for your needs! We offer every level and it adds minimal cost to your project.


Custom Cases Without The Custom Case Prices
Thanks to our ultra-efficient manufacturing process, Thermodyne can offer full customization at the same price other manufactures charge for a mass produced, bone-stock case. Simply purchase your Slimline with interior foam, and we'll customize it to your unique needs—at no additional cost to you.


No Minimum Orders
Whether you need a single Slimline shipping case or 100 OEM cases, Thermodyne offers complete trim and foam customization with absolutely no minimums. Top it off, you’ll always receive the same attention to detail and superior service that we offer our largest customers.



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Anatomy of a Slimline


Thermodyne Slimline Cases





Slimline Rolling Case Features
* Optional Rolling Wheels & Retractable Handle
* Standard Military-Grade Hardware
* Standard Gasket Seal
* Standard Field-Replacable Trim
* Standard Spring-Loaded Latches & Handles
* Standard PowerGrip Valances
* Over 75 Standard Slimline Sizes

Popular Slimline Customizations:
* Factory Customized Foam Interiors
* Custom Colors & Logos
* Custom Metalwork & Mount Fabrication
* Custom Lid-Mounted Bags & Inner-Lids
* Custom Manufacturing to Specific Weight Limits

* Custom Labels & Stenciling
* Custom OEM Packaging
& Blind Shipping

* MIL-SPEC Materials (Standard)
* ROHS Compliant Materials (Standard)
* MIL-SPEC 810G Enviromental Sealing (Optional)
* ATA Airline & TSA Compliant
* UPS & FedEx Compliant & Shipable

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